Tuesday, February 9, 2010

hating me won't make you pretty!

I thought u were my friend..But I was wrong.
I couldn't believe this.Even kalau ta puas hati pon ,no need to say like that.
I begin to hate u,but I can't!Cuz u'll be forever my friend.

I thought I did really know who u are.But I was wrong.
U didn't realise whutt u're saying about.Seriously,I didn't mean to 'boycott' u or whatsoever,but ur attitude makes me

u hurt my feelings!
I'm lucky cuz u did it 4 the first time.
If banyak2 kali laa...i gonna kill u.(r u brave enough 2 do so?gahh.)
Hiperbola je tu.
okie.I wanna face2face wif u.But sy tanak ar carik pasal ke carik musuh apatah lg..
i think tahap kesabaran sy towards u masih dalam keadaan stabil kowt.huhh.

u'll never understand.U'd never experience all those situation.
cakap memang senang.nak buat ny tu tak semudah cara kau cakap.
cakap sedap mulut jer,memang la senang.cube la cakap sedap iman ke..takpe la jgk.huhh.


still,xsedap ati bile u accused me in such manner.That's bad,u knoe.Really2 bad.
D u think u're so great?
yeah.everyone kept telling me,u're the most influenced person.gahh.Kununnyer~
i know no one could ever control u in this senior year.
i know u think everyone's scared of urself.
u bullied urself and others.yea,that's it.

no use to hate u.n to hate me too.
It's all from u.Ur attitude makes me behave like this.
I'd olwez tryin' to accept who u r.It had been 5 yrs ,friend.
I really thought we're friend.
I'm sorry for something tat I'd done towards u tat makes u feelin' uneasy.
It's my mistake.Sorry.

Again.Feeling bad,mad,tensed.

NOW.Feeling better.
i hope they would accept me,if they can't,just go away n never come back.
We're different.
U and I.Different in every way.
That's y,saya rase..saya ta layak jadi ur friend.(ala,rase jer..:))
that's all.
u don't hv 2 care bout me anymore.( d u really care bout me b4?huhh.never,i guess.)

U,wif ur life.And me,with my life.
As i stated earlier,we're totally different.
We've changed into a different character.
I could do nothing.N if only I could do something,I feel a thousand times better than rite now.
Thanks ,buddy.
I'd never forget u as my ex-BF.(bukan boyfriend keyh!)
maaf kalau de banyak saket an ati kau.it's my fault,i know.
memang no one can ever prognosticate who I'm talking about.
it's between,u,me and ALLAH S.W.T..
Allah bless u.:D


  1. she WAS a friend of mine.. :)
    tak ya la taw sape..nti 'die' kcik ati plak.

    but.kcewa gk r tgok prubahan dy since f5 ni.

    bia la dy..xleh nk wtpe r.


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