Friday, September 4, 2009

thinking of my future.

i always thinking bout my future.where i'm gonna go afta spm.
i hope i can survive till i achieve what i want,n what my parents want.

i did survey to some websites.
ireland is a good place to further study.i think so.i'm not sure..
one of the university:
*NUI(National University of Ireland),Galway.
how long i must study there?
6 years or 5 years (if student has physics, chemistry and biology)
At the conclusion of the programme, the student is conferred with the degrees of Bachelor of Medicine (M.B.), of Surgery (B.Ch.) and of obstetrics (B.A.O.)

After graduation the newly-qualified doctor works in hospitals as an intern for one year prior to obtaining full registration as a licensed medical practitioner.
Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Foundations of Medicine
Years 1 - 2
Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology Psychology, Behavioural Sciences, Medical Informatics, Ethics, Health Promotion , Professionalism, Clinical and Communication Skills
Years 3 - 5
Clinical Laboratory Sciences: Pathology Microbiology Public Health and all the Clinical Disciplines Medicine Surgery Paediatrics Psychiatry Obstetrics & Gynaecology General Practice Anaesthesia Radiology.
there u was it?
tapi,nak jadi doct bukan senang semudah menyebutnya.
kene ready mental n fizikal 100 percent b4 involved dlm bidang nih.
i hope i can be an obstetrician&gynaecologist 1 day.ameen~
take this as a challenge.if not me,who else ,rite?



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