Friday, July 30, 2010

EHT(Extra high tension) menguasai diri.

According to Charles Law,under constant volume when the temperature of the gas increase..its PRESSURE increases as well. The higher the temperature, the higher the pressure.

Yeah the hypothesis is so true epecially when we 're moving towards 16th August 2010.The temperature is rising, day by day.And most of the form 5 students are started to feel the heat. To make it worst..the PRESSURE is mounting as high as mount Everest .

And my 'tak ape' and 'nanti lah' attitude still empowering myself.Oh yea, Formative 2 was just end and my results were very bad. I know, no need to tell me. Since the results were very bad, I think I'm going to give up my 17-year-ambition. Sounds tragic. But I gonna think about it again. It's all bout my future, then I've to do something with it. I don't think I'd survive to achieve my 17-year-ambition. SPM sendiri pun aku dah tak larat, ni kan pula critical course. I don't think I can make it.That's it. :((

You Just Dont Know

**Hidup ibarat roda. Sumtimes di bawah,sumtimes di atas.And kita tak semestinya sentiasa berada di atas**




  1. x pe,fah!!boleh cube lg la..KITE boleh ann..
    aminn...doakan kejayaan kite bersama..5 ikram,target straight A's..inshaAllah..

  2. tq mizah! insyaALLAH.

    smue 5 ikram 2010 students dpt str8 A's, amiiiin~


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