Tuesday, May 19, 2009

H1N1 Virus Selesema Babi Azab Allah kepada kita?

KUALA LUMPUR, Friday,15May2009:
Malaysia has reported its first influenza A(H1N1) case involving a student who returned from the United States two days ago.
This was confirmed by Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai today."The student is now quarantined at the Sungai Buloh Hospital," he told Bernama from London."The student returned to Malaysia on May 13 and the next day, he sought treatment when he felt unwell. The test confirmed that he has the H1N1 virus."Liow, enroute to Geneva, Switzerland to attend the World Health Organisation (WHO) General Assembly, was on transit in London.
He said health personnel were in the midst of tracking down all passengers on the flight and those who had come into contact with the student since his return."This is urgent and all have to work together to prevent the spread of the disease in this country. We have initiated various preventive measures and the health department is working hard on the ground," he said.Liow also advised the public to be on high alert and immediately seek treatment if they feel unwell."The details of this first case will be given by the Health Ministry at a press conference at 4pm today," he added. -- BERNAMA

dari mexico,us smpai la ke negara kita.tanda2 qiamat,wabak penyakit semakin banyak.kat m'sia ade lagi satu jangkitan penyakit kuman.negara Malaysia betul2 diancam bahaya.bile2 je skolah kite,perumahan kita,negeri kita bleh dserang virus ni.so be careful ahh..doa2 kn agr virus H1N1 xsampai ke negeri 9.amiin~

p/s:renung2 kan knpe negara org kafir kene slsema babi dulu drpd negara kita..then rnung2 kan negara kita ni ngra maksiat.maksiat ade kat memane.same je status negara dgn negara kafir yg dfferent ny,agama rasmi.agama rasmi islam,tp undang2 x ketat.klu ikut undg2 hudud,msti aman dunia.k till here.td wat essay bi(exam),wat tajuk (4).syiokk ah..hehe.dAa~

Salam Imtihan,

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