Monday, November 30, 2009

i quit!

today was tiresome.
n sok gonna shopping lagik.
i've made a decision.quite BIG.
it was..i wanna quit updatin' my blog for only..
few weeks.perhaps..
ermm.maybe 1 week enough kot.bole tahan ke?insyaALLAH..=D
so.tu je la nak cakap.
bukan pe.tis week,i think i wanna complete my bio mindmap larr.
i need to spend this whole week to complete it.
cuz i'd other plan to do after this.
anyhow,i know,it's quite impossible to finish it for a limited time.
but i'll try my best.
and kehadiran my blog ni sometimes mengganggu a lil' bit my plan 4 this week.
so i hv to do like this.
n i hope it'll work !it's for my own good maa..;)
dun worry be happy.u hv 1 more month to enjoy ur days.hahha.
okie.till here then.dAa~
assalamualaikum wbt.

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