Friday, November 13, 2009

A bit of useful advice.

~My Dream College~

-KYUEM's chalet-

-penang medical college-

A bit of useful advice.

It's more specific to study advice.And I hope it'll remains in my mind till death.
Last night,kak Herda told me something that wakes me up from a long dream.
What did she said?She said,don't be scared with the new environment in college or IPT or life after know what,everyone around me keep on scaring me about the life after SPM.really,it's not that I feel scared like I'm scared of ghost or whatsoever.But I'm afraid,did I able to overcome the obstacles of life alone after this.And I'm afraid that I'll diverted('auzubillahiminzalik). InsyaALLAH.I'll try my very best to be a student that excellent,not for the world,but also for the day of hereafter.She added,we have to hold a big responsible and we have to make it for other people and our country.Then,she said,study and success not for 'dunia' but also for 'akhirat.That phrase.It really touched my feelings.All this while,I study playfully.And I did not serious.Also,I regretted for it.
She advised me,"Don't be scared.Learn how to be mature."
She means that life in IPT can make me learn how to be mature and learn about the real life.Thanks a zillion Kak Herda.I'll not forget ur advice till forever.
~off to study chem~

Salam sukses,

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