Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Criteria of govt doctor.

  1. No life outside medicine; this includes dating, sports, clubbing, chores for your parents and visiting the toilet
  2. Not to live with your parents. Move out ASAP as they will never understand the ludicrous working hours that u go through. Furthermore, chores are not suitable for u as to rule No. 1.
  3. Not to be married until completion of all 4 years of Govt Compulsory service as u will be transferred left and right to some of the most remote Govt clinics in Malaysia. Having wife and kids to follow you to your new working area may increase high level of stress on all parties. Furthermore, if your spouse is a Govt Doctor, he/she will also be transferred away from u and no matter what appeal is made, KKM will put up a deaf ear (unless u have big cables)
  4. If married, no to have children until u finish all 4 years of Govt Compulsory service, as to which u and your spouse will not have much time for your child/children or they end up not recognizing u and refer the Indonesian maid as their mother (change in language patterns commonly follow).
  5. To obtain life insurance once your govt service begins as there is not many claims for accidents during work. Don’t be fooled, Doctoring in Malaysia is hazardous.
  6. Able to withstand 36 hours of non stop work and stress without mistakenly labeling Left for Right or uvula for vulva (or Volvo S40)
  7. To buy a car with complete safety features which includes multiple airbags, ABS, EBD, side-front-rear-top-parallel and diagonal impact bars and seat belts to ensure survivability if u are involved in an accident because your driving resembled a drunkard maniac after working in the hospital for 40 hrs non stop.
  8. Constant supply of coffee
  9. Nicotine Patch as u will have the urge to start smoking due to overwhelming stress
  10. Interest in watching medical sitcoms such as House MD, Scrubs, ER, Grays Anatomy and Chicago Hope to inspire u to continue your life as a doctor as the exciting things u see on TV does not resemble the real life of a Malaysian govt doctor.
  11. Not to have any pets or plants (not even cactuses) as u will have no time to feed or care for them and eventually all will end up in your mortuary.
  12. Able to endure the stench of your own sweat as to when 36 hours “on call” does not permit u time to bathe or freshen up.
  13. Able to carry on working without food or water over 15 hours. If during fasting month, able to break your fast with “water for injection” as u had no time to buy food.
  14. Able to come to work with fever/cough/illness or physical disability (sprained ankle etc) as to which doctors do not deserve MCs. (My MO was on crutches during rounds)
  15. Able to stand scolding, destructive criticism, kiss ass behaviors, racial bias, finger pointing, scape goating, and in competency from your superiors.
  16. Able to withstand the jealousy when your friends call u up for some fun and ur stuck in the hospital during on call.

The list goes on. These requirements should be sent out to all doctor wannabes and for them to determine if their life coincides with the Malaysian Medical Health service of doctors under KKM.


Macam ni ke my lifestyle after bergelar seorang doktor. Ohh. Ini membuatkan aku terpaksa fikir tujuh puluh tujuh kali whether nak amek course med or tak nak. Or adakah patut aku pilih course actuarial science berdasarkan kecenderungan aku ke arah maths subject. Uishh. Confuse2. Cintakan maths dan add maths, tapi minat sangat nak jadi doktor. @_@

Nanti dulu!

Belum habis lagi.

Cuba baca komen-komen bawah ni. Kritikan hebat untuk post nih. Aduihh. Tapi they'd inspire me so much. Bace jangan tak bace~ :)

Anonymousdr nor said...

i totally agree with bruce...u r just being a negative dr....altho part of the things that u wrote there is somewhat true, but ur just a pessimistic dr! am a female married dr myself and i went thru fine..belittled my specialist or bosses? come on. other jobs r also like that...can't take mc's? other high pressure jobs also like that...wears crutches to work? please,if u r recovering then it's ok...not eating? please lah, dont be so bodoh, put sumthing in ur pocket or ask ur staff to buy u's a lot of hard work,social support and time management, but not having a family and no social life? that is why u have become a dr like urself! i have seen species like you and have u guys as co-workers..u guys r just bitter, negative, pessimistic doctors who just not fun to be with...u guys always look down on people who has family and lead a normal life..i feel sorry for your spouse and children :P

AnonymousDoctor Muhammad Yasir Qureshi said...

People like you is the main cause to spread depression, anxiety and frustration among youth.

What you failed to realize was the fact that almost every doctor job around the world require includes same problems. Therefore, instead of focusing on these problems, you should solve them by giving solutions.

The attitude to call half filled glass as half emptied speak volumes for your personality traits. Like others, I also feel pity about your spouse and kids considering them the most unluckiest creatures to have you their father and husband.

Anonymous bruce said...

don't bullshitla. My bro is a doc, serving his 3rd years; he is married, got a lovely dog as pet and still can spend times on his hobby.

Docs are busy, but that u are just exaggerating. My bro always keep some boil eggs/breads in his pocket so he dun starves, is all about how u manage ur time and think with ur brain.

I pretty look down on ppl that write overstatement in their blog and scare all those kind and innocent future doc away so less competition or make themselves to be seen as so noble.

Anonymous Sukhoi27 said...

I am a malaysian doctor in cardiology training in Canada and I have few more years to go because of planning to go to cardiac electrophysiology, life is busy and demanding so sure, but if you do what you like in your life, you will do well........ if you put money first in your mind, you will never happy with your jobs!!!

every single job is stressful, I don't think Dr's job is more or less stressful than other people, is about the same.. Look at many people losing their jobs now and we are still happily living very comfortable.

I will spend half day a week with my wife and truly devoted the time to her. Spouse needs to understand our job too. Life is always give and take, you can not have everything!!!

Most of us do not come from millionare's family and money always a major issue as trainee, but do what you want!!!!

*****the end!*****


  1. ish ish ish. memanglah akan sibuk ala tak ingat aje, tapi kakpah..kalau semua bakal docs (as in u and me jugak.haha)ragu2 macam you sekarang niha, and then tarik diri jugak, mestilah sampai bila-bila pun hidup seorang doktor akan jadi begitu. haaa. jadi marilah kita ramai2 lagi jadi doc sbb doc yang islam dan melayu alahai.. macam serbuk2 biskut dalam tin biskut hupseng aje. sikit bebeno. jgn ragu lagik. life memang hectic. tapi itulah gunanya kita hidup kat dunia ni. kita naikkan nama islam yuk!

  2. haha. tenkiu atas kate2 semangat! moge kite b'due b'jaye m'capai cite-cite masing2~ yeah! *besemangat betol* ;)

  3. mari sama-sama ambik medic. medic itu seronok. :)
    ada je life. if only you know how to manage your time well :)

  4. oraittt....!

    wah mcm2 nasihat bakal2 doktor nih. (:

  5. whoa!what a nice post i've found...gudluck,dr.afifah..:)


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