Saturday, February 18, 2017

Put your trust in Allah 🌸

Assalamualaikum wbt

Rasanya semua pernah merasai saat kita merasa impossible nya benda tu tapi dengan izin Allah benda tu berlaku. I wanna share something that happened few days back, when i received my eop results and i was surprised. And amazed. Totally amazed. It was all from Allah.

From the beginning itself, even how much i tried to study and jaga hati lecturers, i knew that i would never perform in this subject. Not because it was difficult but its just becoz the lecturers hate us sooo much 😂 so i thought he will gives us less marks, or maybe just bagi borderline pass? 💁🏼So during the first day of exam, which is theory exam, it was horrible! Tak pernah rasa teruk mcmtu lepas habis theory exam. Its the worst feeling ever, lagi teruk drpd feeling salah diagnosis 😭paper meq memang hancur tapi seq i think i did very well (cewahh confident), so that nite memang menangis lah sambil study utk next day, then hari ketiga exam kene present clinicosocial case, i got diabetes mellitus case, the problem is, dalam banyak2 topic that i read the night before exam tu,topic diabetes the only tajuk yg tak sempat habis baca 😭fortunately my postingmate sempat terangkan sikit pasal DM so mmg apa yg dia bagitau tu yg tu lah doctor tanya alhamdulillah, tp still rasa tak confident sebab mmg x sempat habis baca that topic.

Then untuk exam ospe pulak actually im not sure jawapan kira2 tu letak unit ke tak haha serious tak confident langsung. Few days before we got the results we've already been told that only 2 students got distinction and 3 students failed their theory exam. I feel so upset, but deep down i said to myself its okay Allah knows what is best for you so what u hv to do is to trust Him and whatever happens semoga Allah beri kekuatan utk terima dengan redha. N alhamdulillah, finally the day when the results came out, i got to know that i'm one of the 2 students yang dapat distinction tapi A- je lah haha, alhamdulillah syukur..i kept thinking part mana yang kite perform masa exam, but then i realized something,i forgot that its not bcuz of my effort pun, but its simply bcuz of His blessing!

Ibrohnya,just do your best,then 'tawakkaltu 'alallah' , believe that He can remove all harms, change situations, guide us out of difficulty and remove all hardships in our life, bila kita betul2 percaya dan yakin dengan ketentuan Allah. Yakin segala apa yang terjadi itu lah yang terbaik pada pandangan Allah, jgn sesekali bersangka buruk dengan Allah sebab Allah takkan pernah menganiaya hamba2 Nya. Trust Him 200%!

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