Friday, August 14, 2009

ibu Nazrin Hamka meninggal dunia.


it was unbelievable.
it was a nightmare.
it was a test.
from the Almighty.

i didn't know her.
but i could feel it.
everytime,every secs he told me bout her..
i felt i became nearer to her.

she's everything to him.
she's close with him.
she loved him.
she's his lover.

i remembered.
when he told me.
he helped his mum.
making kueh raya together.
on the days in Ramadan.
and he's happy to help her.

i remembered.
when he told me.
he always helped her mama.
in the kitchen.

from then on.
i knew he's very close with her.
i knew he's sad and the saddest.
i wished i would meet him today.
but i can't.

i hoped he'll getting better.
i hoped he'd learn to accept.
that her mama has gone.
leaving him and his family.
i hoped he'd go on with his life.
normally,as he can be.

i knew it's unacceptable.
to survive without a mum beside us.
i knew it's hurt.
to celebrate hari raya.
without a mum
to help us choosing our baju raya.
i could feel it.

if i were him.
i don't think i'd persevered.
i don't think i could stand up anymore.
but i knew,he'll.

he's my friend.
he's my classmate.
she's a teacher.
she's his mama.

~al-fatihah for her~

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