Wednesday, August 12, 2009


ok.wanna tell bout my result.overall,not bad arr.cuz xde dpt C lgsung.but,i target 7a.but lack 1a arr..puas hati laa jgk cuz i didnt struggle so hard 4 this exm.mcm maen2 jer.malas laa nk sirius sgt.hoho.(x_x)

bm-a(thnx mr isa!!)
bi-b(hate it)
mt-a(excllent.i got full marks.beat her again!)
+mt-a(same with mt.good job,gurl)
pqs-a(easy but hard)
psi-a(i dont like it.but it's easy to get a)
sej-a(i'll cry if i got other than A)
bio-b(not bad)
chemi-b(quests die,bpeluh aq jwp)
physics-b(gonna get A 4 final exm.promise~)
bat-b(im stunned~)

how's it?ok?hahha.=D

just ok2 not putting a high hope.but 4 ths final exm.ill strggle.


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