Monday, September 27, 2010


Dulu sy benci BIOLOGY sebab susah nak dapat A and sukee BIOLOGY sebab best gile. I got some tips. Tips ape yea? Bace nih.
'' and i faced the same conflict here :)
minat will come later. don't worry :)

nak faham bio?
1. read up. at that time, jangan ade fikir nak kena ingat or stuff. just bace macam kita baca magazines. baca cause kita nak tahu.

2. relate it with our surroundings. (biology=the study of life. so, the study is about us, the animals,plants) everytime dah bace, try utk apply the concept.

3. organize your reading.
eg: cardivascular system : structure, functions, pathology, epidemiology, pharmacology (i'm taking medicine now -.-' phew)

4. memorize the medical terms. (start memorizing once you've done all the steps above)

5. at the end of the day, when you find it easy to explain the concepts correctly, you'll love biology :) trust me ''

P/S : Done. Simple kann? I'm gonna apply all diz tips tym study nnti. :D

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