Friday, April 3, 2009 not necessary.yeS or nO?

I think most secondary school students in M'sia would agree with me that monthly tests and exams caused a lot of stress.However,we must not 4get that these test n exams are part and parcel of our education matter how much we loathe 'em,we need 'em 2 assess how much we've learnt n 2 evaluate our academic progress.

Indeed that is the main reason y any test is given,or any exam is held.Thru a series of tests n exams,teas(tcers), n examiners can gauge the academic ability of s2dents.Students too can benefit as they'll know their own strengths n weaknesses.At school,their teas point out how they can improve their grades in the tests n tell 'em where they hv gone wrong in their answers.on a national lvel,exams r administered fairly and marking is done without considering race,colour or creed(or set of beliefs).thus,they're d best measure of a s2dent's academic ability n potential.

Tests n exams r also a good goal 2 aim for because nowadays,s2dents face too many distractions(like me!!).If there were no testing system at all,some s2dents would laze the whole day.others would probably learn but this learning would be either haphazardly wide,or else focussed on 1 thing oNly.dis is not good as our future working lives require a variety of specific skills.right?

then,tests n exams taught d s2dents self-discipline n learn how to schedule their day and 2 compete with 'emselves n with others.they also hv 2 think DEEPLY 2 write out their thoughts n to use their brains regularly.

A fairer system of exam testing would b a combination of marks taken during the course of the school year n the final exam score.wif that way,students still learn 4 various tests n exams but they would not be too stressed bcuz they know what they hv achieved thru the year also more thing,if we live in this world,what we'll gonna do instead of studying? study smart n dont u ever think that is hard,this is hard.then,everythng will be difficult to do.just take it easy as u'll do better than others.believe happened to me!when others think that that was hard 2 do/make,i just think that's just easy n confidently do that.ok..that's all.all the best k!dAa~~

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