Tuesday, April 21, 2009

wonderful moment.

19 April 2009
Assalamualaikum.today,my school ade hari anugerah permata SHAMS n im one of the 'permata'.hehe.trophy n gift were given to those who got 9a's n 8a's in pmr n also 4 spm.Abang Aizuddin who got 13 A1 was also there.i felt quite happy because my friends were there to enjoyy our success together.but i realized,pmr is just nothing.pmr tak menentukan my future especially in spm.teacher zainoriah bnyk kali remind us to not lupa diri because of this 9a's.bkn smue 9a's student yg dpt best result in spm.that's what im scared of.anyway,my formativ1 result was not really bad as i ever thought.bole tahan la.n alhamdulillah,im still in t0p 10 in my class and my target for this sumative1 is top5 in form4 batch.insyaALLAH..

after amek trophy n gift,ktorang bergambar sat.with wana n nisa.saat gmbiire harus d share bersama members.btol x??

atas ni time kat waqaf.yanie la sebok nk ambik gambo.so ape lagi,aku join je la.hohoho.from left:syahira abdullah,yanie.ade ke patot piala tu b'campur aduk.aku dpt yg 8a pny n ade student 8a dpt yg 9a pny.kebetulan syerra dpt yg 9a pny,so aku exchange la ngan die.what a coincidence.huhh.
hahha.gempak la korang.i know,aku akn rindu kn saat ni satu ari nanti.i hope,i'll sit there again with trophy in my hand at 2010,for sPM larr,with my friends to0.ameeeen~

my victory.klu nak di compare kn dgn kak herda's,mmg jaoh la beza dy.tp xpe.just wait and see.yg penting,ive tried my best.n ini la hasil ny.i hope my parents will proud of me.^_^
nisa' yg hebat tekwando,na'iemah yg sweet n ayu mayu,hajar yg suke ketawa(contagious lak tuh.oho,btol x aq spell tuh.watever lor.),riza yg genius,klakar n pendiam,fifa yg comey(uhuk3),n lastly aisyah yg byk ckp,sporting,heppygolucky gurl.however,she's moved to SESERI with wunny.so sad~
im happy with my achievement but it's not a great one.n i hope for the best next time.please pray for my success as i'll pray for ur happiness forever n ever,in dis world n hereafter as well.thanks for spending ur time here.appreciate it so much.okay,got2go.dAa~~

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